Rapid Fryers

The B&S Rapid Fryer has been designed specifically to meet the demands of any fish and chip shop. This range is available with 20 x 20 inch pan/s (38 litres) and is powered by five cast iron ribbon burners respectively.

Oil temperature is thermostatically regulated, with unobtrusive probes located in the pans allowing for accurate temperature control. This crucial feature ensures that when even the slightest drop in oil temperature is detected, the burner responds rapidly whether one or two baskets are in use. All models are fitted with both temperature overheat and flame failure safety devices.

Rapid Fryers

These fryers have been designed for use with round baskets and all models have a wire tray support at the rear of the unit were the baskets can be placed to drain.

Each pan has been designed to maximise oil heat recovery, which is essential during peak periods. The deep cool zones prolong the life of the oil as any sediment or carbonised food particles fall to the bottom of the pan, ridding impurities from the cooking area of the oil.

Features and Benefits


  • 304 grade stainless steel used
  • 2mm thick mild steel pan maximises heat absorption
  • Constructed on a solid mild steel frame
  • Door allows for easy draining of oil
  • Quick temperature recovery
  • Flame failure device standard
  • Standard 18 month warranty
Rapid Fryers Specifications
ModelLengthDepthHeightMJ rating
RF-2001 680 930 1400 92
RF-2002 1320 930 1400 184
RF-2003 1960 930 1400 276
RF-2004 2600 930 1400 368

Note: Baskets are not included with rapid fryers.