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All people have different basic color of their teeth. It can be more or less white and change in yellow, brown, blue or gray. A properly completed teeth whitening can give whiter teeth and a beautiful smile. Sometimes it may be enough to dental hygienist will polish your teeth.

With us you will help to whiten teeth safely. By doing a survey before the bleaching, you ensure that your teeth are in good condition and reduce the risk of stains, damage to the gums and severe shooting pains. If you have fillings so they should be of good quality and it will of course be no cavities. Your gums must be healthy and coatings or tartar should be removed.

Bleaching of several teeth

We manufacture your personalised rail in soft plastic. You receive precise instructions so that you can do the treatment at home the day or night. A whitening gel is placed into the rail before putting it on the teeth. The treatment is repeated daily for 5-14 days. You should also strengthen the teeth with fluoride.

Bleaching usually means three visits to dental care, which also includes a follow where the dentist or dental hygienist examines the teeth and gums.

Bleaching of single root-filled teeth

Sometimes it is enough bleaching of individual teeth that are darker than the other teeth. Whitening of a single tooth discolored from the inside starts with the dentist removing old fillings and other things that may have contributed to the discoloration. The dentist makes an opening in the tooth back and whitens the inside. After about a week the dentist checks the result. If necessary, the treatment is repeated. The treatment ends with the dentist makes a filling with a tooth-colored material.

After bleaching

For the result to stand longer, be careful with your oral hygiene in the future. The next time after the treatment, it is important that you avoid tobacco, coffee, tea, wine and other things that can stain teeth. Also note that bleaching teeth can cause the teeth can become extra sensitive to heat and cold. There are usually over after a while.

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