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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Coffee, tea, smoking, snuff, red wine etc. make the teeth discolored, while regular aging causes teeth to become darker over time. To make the teeth whiter and more beautiful, there are now many different methods, of which we offer the best available today. We have long experience with both home remediation with individually customised pale bones and so-called clinic bleaching, where the entire teeth whitening treatment takes place in a session of one to two hours in practice. With our experience, we can say quite exactly what lighter shade you can achieve with this type of treatment.

Tooth whitening with rails

For those who want to bleach their teeth at home, there is the possibility of bleaching with individually made pale rays. We take prints on your teeth and you get a return visit when we test the rails and carefully instruct you how to use the fading gel and how to handle your rails.

A housekeeping takes much longer than a chair bleaching, up to fourteen days, but with a little patience, you can get a very good result. Because there are a variety of bleaching preparations, we help you choose the one that suits you best. You can choose to bleach during the day or during the night.


With Airflow, superficial coatings and discolorations are removed quickly and easily from your teeth. A beam of air, bicarbonate, and water removes without pain spots and traces of e.g. coffee, tea, and tobacco. Because the airflow spray tastes lemon or mint, it feels very fresh and comfortable in the mouth afterward and immediately gives you a whiter, more beautiful smile.

common questions and answers

Is tooth whitening dangerous?
The BrilliantSmile method’s clinic bleaching by legitimate dental staff is a completely safe treatment method. The dental practitioner must, of course, examine the teeth first and treat damaged teeth before dental treatment can begin. You should have been at a dentist / dental hygienist within the last three month period prior to teeth whitening or first consult a consultation.

What result can you expect?
A bleaching treatment with BrilliantSmile makes the teeth on average become seven shades whiter. The result is individual and depends on the type and degree of discoloration. To get a fair assessment, book yourself for a consultation.

How long does it take before my teeth get discolored again?
How long it takes for your teeth to get discolored depends on your living and eating habits. Most common is that you want to redo the treatment after two to five years.

How can my teeth turn white without harm?
Before bleaching, various superficial discolorations are polished. Then your teeth will be bleached with PH neutral bleaching gel activated by plasma light. The gel releases free oxygen radicals, which in this case are used to penetrate and destroy discoloration in the teeth without damaging or otherwise changing the enamel of the tooth.

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