What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing in its simplest form is to create interesting content in the channel where your target audience so that it gives you more sales and more income, more than content marketing costs. Or so it should be anyway.

Types of Content

Content Marketing usually refers to the content of various types. It could be blog posts, infographics, statistics, videos, articles, references, viral content, etc. The content must be created in a way that the user understands, and published in the channel where the user is, at a time when the user wants to understand the content .

Content Marketing Hype

Today, it has all the major advertising agencies, PR agencies, marketing agencies, SEO agencies, social media agencies, whatever you wanna call it SEO companies or a department that focus on content marketing. Everyone’s definition of the term is based quite far from the same thing, “to make content that engages the target audience of the channel where they are.” Somehow that seems to always convert to customers and create more sales moieties fall away. The content is usually blog post on company websites or individual blogs, and success in content marketing counts more in how many people read the content when it is published, how many divisions it has on social media and in how many peers who “like” it than in how much more income it brings to the customer.

The phrase has become quite watered down and can actually be applied to most marketing activities nowadays.

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What is good content marketing according to me then?

Now I complained a little, it means that I should have an option too, otherwise I do not think we should get to complain.

  1. The content should help raise the income of the person who created the content.
  2. The content you create should be of benefit to the user in several years
  3. The contents will provide answers to something that users are looking for (in Google)

The reason we started creating content from the beginning was that we wanted to have more customers for our customer. The industry was a boring industry with mainly large one-time purchase that went through the quotation request, and a single quotation was worth a lot of money. We found the keywords that the client should appear on the Google to get relevant visitors. We also noticed that some of the larger words were quite competitive and would take quite some time to get to Google on the front. We set up a separate plan for these “difficult” words, and then picked cherry on the cake, we picked out the 20-30 phrases that were most relevant and low competition and began creating content every month around them. The content was often a question and the answer to this.

The proliferation of content was the largest non-existent. It was a boring industry that had some great forums, blogs or pages / groups on Facebook associated with it, but people Googled when they needed it. So the channel of our distribution was Google, and the time of the spread was “forever”. The timing of when the audience could read the contents was “then when they need it.”

The various speeches were perhaps 10-50 visitors per month, of which one or a couple of converted and asked quotation. And they got the same number of visitors and converting many years after creation, too.

In today’s measurements where checking the initial spread and the number of divisions of content biggest success so would this content probably has been classified as catastrophic. Failure. Debris. Luckily we did not know then that there was something called Content Marketing, and we checked rather than search traffic to content and the number of quote requests generated content per month instead, and were then able to conclude that the investment in content was quite profitable for the customer.

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