hair with split ends
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Home remedies to treat split ends (for your hair)

It can be a shock when you look in the mirror and see you have split ends. Most of us hate to see our hair-splitting and looking extremely weak and damaged. Our hair has to deal with a lot of things like dust pollution, chemicals, heat and sun damage. Split ends are one of the most common problems that we all deal with at some time, and it can affect both women and men. Most people head to a cut and dry hair salon to get a trim and remove the split ends, but there are other ways to solve this issue! Do you mean to say there is a way we can get rid of the split ends without cutting every time, you ask. And sure there is! By using a few home remedies that you most likely have in your pantry, you can (somewhat) prevent split ends.

Why do we get split ends?

  • Over-washing our hair
  • Excessive heat like dryers and straighteners
  • Constant use of serums and sprays
  • Using hot water to wash our hair
  • Irregular oiling of our hair
  • Not getting regular trims
  • Chemical treatments such as hair colouring and perming
  • Exposure to hard weather

Egg yolk remedy

Did you know you can use egg as a hair mask? It is one of the most successful hair treatments out there, especially if you tend to burn your hair when you get your blow wave curls. The egg will aid in curing the frizz, promoting a healthy shine and adding more strength to each hair. The egg is loaded with protein, so it works to strengthen your hair and prevent split ends from occurring. Eggs also work as a kind of natural conditioner for your hair.

How to apply it

The remedy can be even more beneficial for your hair if you add some other ingredients as well. Mix the egg yolk with honey, almond oil and olive oil then apply it all over your hair including the roots and ends. Leave it to sit for around 45 minutes then wash off with very lukewarm water.

Using Beer

Applying beer to your hair gives it a supply of protein and sugar that can help damaged hair follicles, thereby controlling the split ends. It helps to add volume to your hair and works well as a natural conditioner too.

How to apply beer to your hair

You need to ensure the beer is flat. If the beer is still frizzy, it can damage your hair. Shampoo your hair and then wash the hair with beer and keep it in your hair for around three minutes then wash off with cool water.

Honey hair mask

Honey has been used to heal many things over the years, from sores and skin problems to – most recently – hair. Honey contains humectant, which helps to prevent moisture loss and keeps your hair smooth and moisturised. Honey aids split ends as it works to strengthen the hair follicles and keep your hair and scalp clean with the anti-bacterial properties that it contains.

How to apply honey to your hair

Using water and honey will create a horrible, sticky mess. Try and prepare a hair mask of honey, egg yolk, curd and olive oil. Apply the mix to your hair and the scalp and let it sit for half an hour before washing it off with lukewarm water.

Don’t worry about cutting more hair off due to split ends. Try a few of these home remedies and see the new life you can give to your locks of hair.