woman with breast implants

Flattering clothes to buy after breast implants

Imagine that moment when you see your friends and family for the first time after your breast implant surgery and they comment “there’s something new about you… have you changed your hair?” Once you’ve dealt with these first few awkward moments, every other adjustment that you need to deal with will be a breeze!

One of the very next things you will need to go through after surgery is becoming comfortable with your own body and rediscovering how to dress it up. Yes, you have these new set of girls to pamper and shop for so here are some tips on how to make some great buys:

1. Get the right bra.

No matter how expensive your wardrobe maybe, if you don’t have the right undergarments to go with your amazing fashion items then they will look like a pauper’s rags. You’ll also be begging for the wrong kind of attention, that you don’t know how to tame your new boobs. We suggest after you have fully healed from your breast enlargement surgery that you get re-fitted by a professional lingerie boutique, they will be able to properly advise your new size, and what is the most comfortable bra shape and fabric – most especially with the healing stitches. You may need a variety of bras, including a comfortable sports bra for exercise. Make sure you have a daytime one that fits just right. Once you’ve been fitted we suggest you invest in a few pieces in various colours for under your clothing. 

2. Bring attention to your waist.

Since you’re new to having these fuller and bigger breasts, you might be a bit surprised at how much of a magnet they are to wandering eyes. The funny thing is, not just men’s but also women will probably be distracted by your new bosom. I know you didn’t do the boob job for no reason so of course, you want to get noticed, but you should also aim to flaunt them in a decent manner. It’s important to be aware that a bigger set of breasts can make you look bigger, as in weighing more in kgs, even if it is just a T-shirt you are wearing. It is because the anterior aspect of your body is protruding leaving a hollow space to fulfill from the base of the breasts down. To combat this we suggest highlighting your waist more so it is more evident that you are not carrying more weight overall your body. To cut the silhouette in the middle, get fond of tucking in your shirts, tops, and blouses as much as you can, drawing attention to your waist and highlighting the new figure your boob job have created.

3. Give time for yourself to get comfortable and ease into your new look.

Now that you have this new figure, you can treat the hourglass shape as a re-start point for your look and updated wardrobe. Figuring out your shape will be an ongoing process. To begin with, let the basic guidelines lead you. Emphasizing the waist helps you to discover clothes that are more flattering for you. Try using belts and learn how to tuck in your tops properly, Also avoid revealing cuts, most especially towards the breasts. For example v-cut necklines, empire cuts, off the shoulder or tube tops, and bandeaus.

4. Flatter them with pride.

You may not have anticipated that the task of finding reasonable fits and materials for your enhanced breasts to be such a challenge, but it could be extra difficult if you are having trouble accepting who you are now. Changing your body image gives you that new perspective about yourself so don’t try to be something you’re not. Are you going to shy away from the fact that you have enhanced your goods to the point that you’ll deny them? Or are you going to decide to flaunt them but in a controlled and flattering way? 

Whatever you may decide, know that fitted T-shirts and turtlenecks are the ones that emphasize such change the most. They are perfect if you are a proud mama of those twins you got there. Say no to button-down shirts as well as they create a peek-a-book when stretched far too greatly. Loose T-shirts, tend to make you look like a parachute so be careful. From now on, go for comfort as a rule over fashionable choices that make you feel uncomfortable.