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Content Marketing means different things depending on who you ask, but my idea is to create content, which then draws traffic, traffic that since Converts to customers.

Content Marketing from an SEO point of view

Before going to the conversion problem and we will take up a little more background on content marketing. Rand has been here a presentation on “Why Content Marketing Fails”, and ignores his annoying baby talk in some of the pictures, it’s pretty interesting.

It can start to see. But he does not address one of the problems I will discuss now, namely to destroy the conversion to give the visitors the wrong landing page.

From an SEO point of view as Content Marketing can be very good if it is used like this:

  1. To get more inbound links.
  2. To fill the page with good content.
  3. To give visitors something sensible to read so that they stay on the page.

Here below the given picture shows a perfect landing page model:

landing page

The problem with the “wrong” landing page that destroys conversion

Suppose you have a web shop. You sell including electric toothbrushes. You have a product page for the most popular item that ranks high on Google’s first page for some searches, let’s take “toothbrush” for example. You get close to 1000 visitors per month to the product page, and, say, 4% converts and buy an electric toothbrush.

Since you that you should run a little content marketing and create a bit of fun content that can spread and provide visibility. You create a blog section on your site to have a place to publish your content. You make the content on the same domain as the store, to get as much synergy as possible of all incoming power and links.

You set up your cat, shoot him, and makes an absolutely wonderful post about “Kitten plays with an electric toothbrush.” It will be a masterpiece and spread like wildfire online. The post gets some strong inbound links and a few tens of thousands of visitors. This was really good, you think. Until the end of the month notice your sales decreased (!). You start to examine why, and notes that your cat messages now ranks high in Google for the search key in our example, “Electric Toothbrush”. Google has replaced your product page to your seemingly “better” content about the cat and the electric toothbrush in the results, quite logically since according to their algorithm looks better; it has more text and has been given more and better links to itself.

This is of course just fake data, but it is a problem that several handlers are afraid and therefore hesitate before investing in a content area on their side.

It is all so clear to avoid such a happening by planning their content marketing so that the new “inspiring” content does not take positions on important keywords, but only in the phrases that you do not yet have content, and thus support the current landing pages instead to take over. There is also a lot that is aiming to put their content-platform on another domain to avoid the risk of being involved in this, but then at the same time loses a lot of important synergies that arise when everything is on the same domain.

For perfect content marketing, Digital strategy consult experienced consultants.

This was a right hokey post about a maybe right nonexistent problem, but I still come across people with a great fear. How is it with you, you have thought along these lines or encountered handle with these thoughts?

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