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A new thesis from the Centre for Clinical Research shows that fatty foods increase the risk of malnutrition in the elderly population.

After a study showed that 65% of seniors who entered the hospital are malnourished researchers wanted to examine more closely what is the risk and how we can prevent malnutrition with age.

The results showed that the higher the proportion of the diet that consisted of fat, especially saturated and monounsaturated fat, in middle age, the higher the risk of malnutrition in later life.

Subsequent studies showed several interventions that can counteract malnutrition in the elderly.


Shorter night fasting: The period during the night between dinner and breakfast when we do not eat, so-called night fasting, should be short. People who had a solid night for more than 11 hours had an increased risk of malnutrition.

Four meals a day: The researchers found that those who ate three or fewer times a day had three times greater risk of malnutrition. Therefore, the Council of the elderly to eat at least four meals a day.

Why fatty food leads to malnutrition were not studied but researchers speculate that foods with high-fat content generally also have low nutritional value.

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